Sign up today to be a Giver!

Mammoth Public Library will join other libraries and bookstores around the world in celebrating World Book Night! You can participate in spreading the joy of books–all you have to do is sign up by January 23.

On World Book Night (April 23), people around the world will distribute 20 specially printed copies of a book they love to people who might otherwise not read much or not have access to many books.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to the World Book Night website and sign up to be a Giver before the January 23 deadline.
  • You will need to choose your top 3 title choices from this page.
  • Fill out the online form, telling why you want to give away the books and where you plan to distribute them. Consider hospitals & clinics, populations served by your civic organization, shelters, etc.
  • Your application will be reviewed and you’ll be notified sometime in February.
  • Choose to pick up your books at Mammoth Public Library.
  • The books will be delivered to us the week of April 15.
  • Pick up your books at Mammoth Public Library. We’ll have a small party to celebrate our Givers!
  • Give the books away.

That’s all there is to it.

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