World Listening Day–Soundwalk

On World Listening Day (July 18) one of the founders of this commemorative event, Dan Godston, was interviewed on Canadian radio station CKUT. He even mentioned our soundwalk event here at the Mammoth Public Library. You can listen by following this link. The interview starts at 42:00 and Mammoth is mentioned at 49:58.
We had a lot of fun on our soundwalk!
Every participant was given a small notebook and a pen. We started out in the library and talked a little bit about listening and the sounds that we hear every day. We talked about sounds we used to hear but don’t anymore, like the train.  Then we closed our eyes and just listened for a couple of minutes. Without talking, we opened our eyes and each made a list of all the sounds we’d heard. The kids who were too little to write drew pictures.
Next we went outside and sat at a table near the library entrance. We repeated the exercise of closing our eyes and listening, followed by listing the sounds we heard. Each participant choose a place for us to stop and listen. We only went a couple of blocks from the library, but the participants really listened and noticed the differences between these places.
When we returned to the library we talked a little bit about what we’d heard, our favorite sounds, etc. It was very hot so at the end we gave each participant a coupon for a free shaved ice!
To find out more about World Listening Day, check out the World Listening Project website.
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