Mammoth Public Library is a vibrant center of activity in Mammoth, Arizona. We are located in the basement of the Town Hall, at 125 N. Clark St. To reach the entrance, drive around to the back of the building and park there. Alternatively, you can come down Main St. and you’ll see the library behind the clinic.

Mammoth Public Library
P.O. Box 549
Mammoth, AZ 85618
(520) 487-2026
FAX (520) 487-2364

Summer Hours  June 1 thru August 31, 2015

Closed Sunday and Monday

Tuesday and Wednesday            12 pm – 6 pm

Thursday                                     10 am – 6 pm

Adult/Seniors Library and Computer Learning  Thursday 10 am – 2 pm  There is no Game Room during this time period. Children can use tablets for quiet reading.

Friday and Saturday                    10 am – 4 pm






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